Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy:


Guaranteed Discreet and Safe Shipping: We take special care in packing your order to ensure it will arrive safely. Your order will arrive with a discreet return shipping address to protect your privacy. We are so sure you'll be satisfied with your order we will send you a replacement for any damaged or broken items free of charge.


In the rare occurrence an item is broken or damaged during shipping DO NOT send the item(s) back! Immediately take a clear and detailed picture(s) of the damage and contact us. Please send us the picture(s) and a brief message and we will begin working to replace your order asap!


Refund & Returns Policy: You may return unopened, broken or defective items within 15 days of purchase or delivery. Returns will be replaced with the same or item of equal value. Refunds will only receive in store credit.


Glass Return Policy: Upon acceptance of the customers payment all sales are final. Do not send any glass items back to Great Lakes Glass & Vape.